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Olive oil, rosemary and chocolate cake

Some habits never die. I have always loved birthdays, not only my own which I ensure is a month long festival each year, but I love celebrating others. And I firmly believe that… Continue reading

Upsidedown plum cake

Get your baking apron on and whip up this delicious delight for the weekend. Very easy for the non-bakers and guaranteed to impress. The plums give a gorgeous colour and slightly tart taste, serve… Continue reading

Pear and almond cake

So they say it’s now autumn. I feel a little ripped off on the seasons front in the UK. I think we really only get two. Spring and winter. There is no in-between, we certainly… Continue reading

Pearnana tea cake

This cake came about from some sad looking bananas and pears in my fruit bowl. I wasn’t sure if it would be too sloppy with so much fruit but it held its own… Continue reading