Elliot’s Cafe – Borough Market

It has taken me a few weeks to get around to writing this post, mainly because I really wanted to love this place and so I have been meaning to go back there… Continue reading

ChiThai – Spicy Szechuan eggplant & Chicken larb

A trip to Chinatown inevitably leaves me staggering to the tube station laden with kilos of frozen dumplings, all sorts of spices, sauces and pastes, noodles, and fresh greens and herbs. I just can’t resist… Continue reading

A Spanish affair

The thought of Spanish food gives me little foodie heart flutters of delight! And when I get to eat Spanish food in Spain then I am one happy Iberian piggie! I have engaged in… Continue reading

A brekky of champions

Introducing the latest superfood on the block – Quinoa…if you haven’t discovered this crunchy, nutty, wholesome grain of deliciousness yet, this is going to rock your world! Well it certainly has me excited!

Mugaritz, Spain

Like a child floating in a fantasy world where everything is curious and unexplored, I was taken on a journey which confronted all my senses and continuously challenged my judgement. I was excited,… Continue reading

Brunch in beautiful Cologne

Cologne is not bursting with a culinary culture. It is the third biggest city in Germany and ticks all the boxes on the German foods stakes. Sausage…tick. Schnitzel….tick. Strudel….tick. Beer….BIG tick! But I… Continue reading

A couple of tarts

I love tarts! It really is as simple as that! So when presented with baking something for the lovely Lala’s 30tea party I decided on the perfect pair! Portuguese tarts

A frolic to Scotland’s west coast

Scotland – the land of the ginger, whiskey, haggis, rain, midges, men in skirts and above all the most stunning scenery and SEAFOOD! I love Scotland for so many reasons but I never associated… Continue reading

Salt and pepper squid with mint tabbouleh

I have only recenty noticed that my local supermarket sells fresh squid. I often have cravings for salt and pepper squid so was delighted to discover that said cravings would only involve a… Continue reading

Bubbleology | Soho

Sucking up chewy tapioca balls through a fat straw might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I particularly love this quirky Taiwanese beverage. Bubble tea or pearl milk tea as it is… Continue reading