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Flash Cooking

Fit, fast flavours for busy people. This is the sub-line to Flash Cooking, a new cookbook by Laura Santtini, and it sounds like me! (Thankfully the ‘fit’ wasn’t before the people!) And so I set… Continue reading

Sweetcorn polenta with mushroom strog

Fresh sweetcorn is in abundance in the UK at the moment and I can’t get enough! Sweet and juicy it is a great addition to salads, as fritters, or just grilled on the… Continue reading

ChiThai – Spicy Szechuan eggplant & Chicken larb

A trip to Chinatown inevitably leaves me staggering to the tube station laden with kilos of frozen dumplings, all sorts of spices, sauces and pastes, noodles, and fresh greens and herbs. I just can’t resist… Continue reading

Salt and pepper squid with mint tabbouleh

I have only recenty noticed that my local supermarket sells fresh squid. I often have cravings for salt and pepper squid so was delighted to discover that said cravings would only involve a… Continue reading