Ben’s Chili Bowl, Washington DC


Obama, Bill Cosby, Sarkozy, Oprah and now Lady Rhubarb, all have something in common. We have all scoffed the famous chili at the Washington landmark which is Ben’s Chili Bowl. For over 53 years this american diner has been unchanged, the counter, booths and the homemade chili. And it all works just fine.


Really there is no need for a menu. I’ve come for the chili so it has to be Ben’s Original Chili Half Smoke. A mixed pork and beef sausage grilled and served on a warm steamed bun with mustard, onions and spicy chili sauce. It’s Bill Cosby’s favourite! The chili isn’t too spicy  but it’s quite rich and finishing the whole bun is a food challenge, which of course I passed!


For the ultimate chili experience you have to double up with the chili fries. Drenched in chili sauce the soggy fries disgustingly good. And when you thought it was all about the chili, the chocolate thick shake at Ben’s is the best I have ever had. So thick that I left with sore cheeks.


When in Washington a visit to Ben’s must be on the itinerary. A famous landmark and the best chili you will find. You can even visit the gift shop next door and take your little piece of Ben’s home with you.

Ben’s Chili Bowl: 1213 U Street NW Washington DC
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