Dinner and brunch in Copenhagen

It’s no secret that Copenhagen is a foodie mecca. And it’s not only the acclaimed restaurant Noma which is sensationalising Nordic cuisine. As it happened Noma was closed for the summer so I was excited to discover where else to eat in this gorgeous city. Because let’s face it sometimes you want to eat without having to wait three months for a reservation.

Baked avocado with almonds

The uber sleek interior of Geist has you questioning if you are perhaps sexy enough to be dining at this restaurant. It’s dark and shiny and the staff are ridiculously good looking. The menu definitely pushes the Nordic gastronomy limits and we were not afraid to dive in whole heartedly. One of the many triumphs was baked avocado with almonds. Why haven’t I thought of this dish, so simple yet so damn good.


Grilled mackerel with wilted sorrel and garlic purée was definitely ensuring I wouldn’t be attacked by vampires later that night.  Crab with deliciously sweet cherry tomatoes was a lovely pairing and thin slices of pink liver on top of porcini mushrooms was ridiculously rich but very tasty.

Vanilla icecream on black olives

The crescendo of my evening came with dessert and the ultimate pairing of sweet and salty. Vanilla ice-cream on a bed of crushed black olives and sprinkled with licorice shavings. Sounds bizarre but it really is brilliant!

Geist is definitely excelling in creating a sophisticated dining experience. Sleek surroundings, exceptional service and adventurous food. If you do go there be sure to order coffee, it’s worth it for the playful accompaniment!

Geist: Kongens Nytorv 8  1050 Copenhagen, Denmark


Relative new comer to Copenhagen’s restaurant scene is Kødbyens Fiskebar. Located in the meatpacking district, the restaurant is literally in the middle of a car park surrounded by the many sheds of the meat traders. And even more bizarrely it’s a Fish Bar. In keeping with the industrial feel of its surroundings the restaurant is basically a shed, polished concrete floor, white tiled walls and aluminium furnishings. Industrial cool with the clientèle to match.

So it’s all about really fresh seafood, the menu is divided into the raw bar and the hot kitchen. Plump and juicy oysters are a must, four varieties to choose from depending how adventurous you are.

Razor clam

It seemed a bit wrong to order razor clam from Scotland but I’m glad I did! Served on delicate maltbread crisps and with fennel, tarragon and dill it was super fresh and delicious.

Cod with parsley dust

Larger dishes from the hot menu are a choice of three fish varieties all served with carrots, potatoes and some fancy garnishing. The fuss free approach to the interior is definitely not applied to the presentation of the food. The dishes are all such beautifully presented that it does throw you off a little.

Wild dark chocolate

I had already read reviews which stated that dessert was a must, and we were not disappointed. A spectacularly rich chocolate ice cream with a raspberry granita and white chocolate raspberry panna cotta was sublime.

Mutsu Apples

Apples every-way was a stunning dessert, not just visually. A crisp apple sorbet, apple sherbet, apple pure, dried apple slices and raw apple. Add a bit of chocolate, goastmilk and white chocolate marshmallow meringue droplets and you have a very impressive dessert.

Kødbyens Fiskebar is doing something pretty unique in serving really amazing, well constructed food in a very unpretentious relaxed environment. And it really works. They also offer a great selection of wine and you can kick on with some punchy cocktails at the bar.

Kødbyens FiskebarFlæsketorvet 100, 1711 København, Denmark

I found a couple of very cute brunch spots in Copenhagen. Tucked away on a trendy side-street in Frederiksberg, Granola is a nostalgic 50’s diner. Freshly brewed coffee, old school milk shakes, ice-cream parlour, extensive breakfast offering and all day open sandwiches, it is a really cute spot.

Chicken and bacon sandwich

We were too late for the breakfast menu but the open sandwiches and salads were delicious and with a glass of freshly squeezed apple and ginger juice it was perfect.

Granola: Værnedamsvej 5  1819 Frederiksberg C, Denmark

Sweet Treat

Over on the hippy island of Christianshavn, Sweet Treat is a gorgeous little find. A little hipster in an effortless way it serves great coffee and a small selection of homemade treats.

Fishball sandwich

The freshly made smørrebrød (open sandwiches) are definitely worth a try, the fish-ball sandwich, with chopped cucumber and homemade remoulade on rye bread is seriously good.

Sweet Treat: Skt. Annæ Gade 3A   1416 København K

Copenhagen, you had me with your waterways, stunning design and ridiculously good looking people and now you have me wanting more with your dining options. I will be back, and maybe next time Noma will have me!