Bubbleology | Soho

Sucking up chewy tapioca balls through a fat straw might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I particularly love this quirky Taiwanese beverage. Bubble tea or pearl milk tea as it is known has only quite recently made its way to London. It is particularly popular in Australia where I used to suck n chew regularly!

When I stumbled upon Bubbleology in the heart of Soho I gave a little squeal and mini dance of excitement and rushed right in.  I must say Bubbleology is a rather funky looking bubble tea outlet – capturing the quirky essence of the drink and serving it up in a mad scientist kind of way. Quite different to the kitsch, no frills outlets I was used to back in Oz.

The menu is not as extensive as what I was accustomed to either. With just 7 flavours of fruit and milk tea to chose from (either iced or hot) I did feel a little underwhelmed. Nevertheless I ordered my favourite Lychee fruit tea with the standard tapioca balls.

I wasn’t disappointed, it was still as refreshing and delicious as I remember and the little black pearls were nice and chewy just as they should be!

So when in Soho do give bubble tea a try and let me know what you think, I’ll be back for more bubbles!

Price: A medium bubble tea will set you back £3.25 and a large £3.75

Bubbleology Soho: 49 Rupert St, W1D 7PF

They are also in Knightsbridge: 5th Floor, Harvey Nichols, SW1X 7RJ

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